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Our Cajun Fried Turkeys are now available for pick up with three days notice.   If you'd like to place an order online, please complete the entire form below and click PLACE ORDER.

All turkey orders will be available at pre-arranged pick-up times. Please request the date and time you would like to reserve for your Pick-Up.  All efforts will be made to honor that date/time, however, due to the large number of turkey orders, it may be necessary to adjust your pick-up date/time based on availability.  We will contact you to confirm your actual pick-up date and time.  Re-heat instructions will be provided.  If you have any questions or special needs, please speak with one of our managers prior to finalizing your order.

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Turkey Dinner (serves 4-6)
(12-14 lb. [pre-cooked weight] Cajun Fried Turkey with
quarts of Cornbread Stuffing, Red Hot Potatoes,
Green Beans with Ham, Turkey Gravy and  Biscuits)
$79.99 x =

Individual Items :
              12-14 lb. Cajun Fried Turkey $49.99 x =
                   Louisiana Cornbread Stuffing   


$8.99 x =
                    Green Beans with Ham        


$8.99 x =
                    Red Hot Mashed Potatoes


$8.99 x =
                    Creole Corn


$8.99 x =
                    Loaded Macaroni & Cheese


$8.99 x =
                   Mashed Sweet Potatoes


$8.99 x =
                   Biscuits (order of 10) $3.99 x =
                   Turkey Gravy


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